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Portfolio: User Interface Design,Information Architecture,Graphics,Other Media

UI/UX Design, Information Architecture

Over 10 years of experience in analysis and design of user interfaces for software applications and websites. My design is driven by appreciation of all that works well, is beautiful inside and out.

User Interface and User Experience design are still evolving disciplines. Techniques and processes for creating User Interfaces are continuously refined. Many resources are made available by Jacob Nielsen, Edward Tufte, Jared Spool, Jeffrey Zeldman, Christina Wodtke, Dan Cedreholm and many others who inspire and guide us in displaying information in meaningful and attractive ways, and in creating more effective experiences. Various aspects of design are being fine-tuned. We're adopting better practices for usability testing and integrating emerging technologies to create more efficient, streamlined solutions that can grow with the structures they serve.

In that ever-changing context, I find my most useful tools to be curiosity, common sense, attention, sense of humour and learning from the best. My most challenging tasks have to do with synthesizing existing knowledge and practices harmoniously and intelligently, and extending those practices in appropriate and exciting ways to provide solid, yet stimulating and inspiring solutions.

Take a look at my past work, and I'm always glad to receive your comments. If you're interested in working with me, the best way to contact me initially is also through email. I'm also interested and open to working on projects that create physical not just digital environments.

- Lena Shukel